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itslearning Resources

-Merge Courses (do this first!  It takes 24 hrs.)

-Using the HUB Planner 


-Video Guide to using the HUB planner, creating an assignment, adding a library resource, adding a test/quiz

-itslearning Peer review & collaboration options 

-Discussion Boards in itslearning (students can click on microphone or camera to record responses)

-Creating an Assignment

-Assessing an Assignment

-Creating Tests;  Test Question Types;  Test Options;   Test Reports 

-Google Integration

itslearning Basic-Level PD Plan

Create for instructors a HUB planner page they can reference and fill in the following:

-Lesson Title: itslearning Basics

-Description: "Participants will learn how to setup a planner with an assignment , discussion board activity, and assessment to check for understanding. 

Participants will discuss one another scaffolding, and differentiation strategies they can employ with the planner and discussion boards in itslearning."

-As resources upload links to merging courses, using the HUB planner, video guide, and then link to creating assignments, peer review & collaboration, assessing assignments, discussion boards, Assessments (see above).

-For an assignment have participants create a topic and lesson in their own planner, create an assignment for students to download, fill out and upload,. Have participants screenshot their assignment instructions and upload an image of those assignment instructions. Provide a screenshot exemplar in the assignment directions.


-For a second assignment have participants create a discussion board thread and then take a screenshot and upload that discussion board thread's instructions to the assignment page. 

-Have participants answer the following in a discussion board: 


In this discussion board create a new thread. In the subject line add your First and Last name and respond to the prompts below:

1. Using the HUB planner how can we scaffold student instruction, explain expectations, and check for understanding? 

2. How can we use the HUB planner or discussion board to include activities or resources for differentiation (scaffolding & challenge activities)? 

3. How can we use the HUB discussion board or assignments feature to increase collaborative learning? 


When you are done pick one other participant's response and reply identifying a strategy they posted that you think you could try with students or adults this coming week. 

The agenda should be as follows: 

1. Today we will do a guided instruction module to add a lesson to our planner that includes an objective, an assignment, a discussion board, and if time permits a short check for understanding. 


2. On our own we will submit a screen shot of the assignment we created to our shared workspace and we will also submit a screen shot of the discussion board instructions we created.


3. We will answer discussion board prompts in our shared workspace and reply to another's response.

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