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A Comprehensive Guidance Program for Social & Emotional Learning

The comprehensive guidance program at McReynolds Middle School works in partnership with the school nurse and administration to provide research-based services promoting and nurturing student social, emotional, physical, and academic well being.

Guidance Lessons

Using resources from Houston ISD, Teaching Tolerance, and the Missouri Department of Education (one of the most widely used research based programs in the nation) all students receive guidance lessons during their PE or ROTC (LCDC) periods). A sample listing of planned topics is available here: -2017-2018 Curriculum Topics. 

Classroom Advocacy Curriculum 

Guidance curriculum for 2018-2019 - Ideally each lesson is for a 45 min period, conducted school-wide in an ancillary or advisory period mid-day. PBL setup where students have a folder where they keep their artifacts throughout the year and this becomes a portfolio they use to make a project in the second semester before they visit the Holocaust museum.

Group Counseling 

This year we are partnering again with Community Family Centers who is accepting students interested in their positive choices group sessions. We are working with Vecino as well to start group counseling sessions for depression, and social/interpersonal skill development.

Individual Counseling

Through Medicaid all students have the opportunity to have their own therapist through a partnership with Vecino clinic. With a referral from the nurse or school counselor a form is sent home where parents grant permission to allow a therapist to visit their child during the school day to provide therapy. This allows a student to be able to see a licensed therapist without having to commute to a clinic or private practice after school. 



With the help of Dr. Ryan Hill from Baylor College of Medicine the guidance program led by John Laymon is being evaluated for effectiveness. With Dr. Hill's help Mr. Laymon is taking quarterly student perception surveys, data is analyzed and curriculum and services are refocused to help meet student needs on campus. 

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