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IB Extended Essay Resources

These extended essays are published with the permission of IB Diploma Candidates that received a C or greater. Please click on a subject area for essays written for that subject.


Model handbook I developed with Kathleen Mundy under the guidance of Doreen Chonko for one of the most successful IB EE submission years from one school, 91 IB DP candidates with this model of implementation. 

How to use Track Changes to see what students have changed based on your comments between drafts and what they have left the same

Reading log for students to ensure they are actually reading & evaluating sources for their research, not just copy pasting. Developed by Doreen Chonko.

An excellent annotation guide to help students annotate sources from the New York CUNY system - Hunter College. 

Developed by Doreen Chonko IB North America- this guide helps students understand the difference between informal writing vs. writing for research/ formal academic writing. 

Quick guide with excerpts from OWL Purdue and the IB Subject Area Guide on writing abstracts.

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